STEP 1: Determine if we can test your meter

Call or email and we will ask some easy questions about how you deliver nitrous to your patients.  We will ask for some pictures.  Some offices like to call from a mobile phone so they can walk around their office to see the equipment.

STEP 2: If we can test your meter(s), we explain pricing and procedures

Flow meters can be portable with small tanks attached, or they can plug into a wall outlet and have large gas tanks located remote.  Still others are built into a cabinet.  Most dentists use local dental dealers for their service work.  The service technician is typically most qualified to disconnect your flow meter so you can ship it to us.  However, some people are mechanical and feel comfortable doing this step themselves.  When we contract to test your meter(s), we will send detailed instructions to you.

STEP 3: What to send

We only test the flow meter and bag tee, so those are the only things we need.  The mount or stand, the breathing circuit, the masks, scavenger, hoses, tanks, and carts all stay with you.

STEP 4: How to Send

Your flow meter is a precision piece of expensive medical equipment.  Therefore we require that your meter is professional packaged by and is insured from a shipping store like UPS or FedEx.  Before the box is closed be sure to take a picture of the front and back of the flow meter clearly showing the serial number and email that to us for the RA#.  Once we confirm everything with you, then we will supply a Return Authorization number or (RA#) for you to include on the outside of the box and on your paperwork.  

STEP 5: We receive your flow meter, Test it for Calibration, & ship it back

We take it from here!  This is what we do.  We test your dental nitrous flow meter to manufacturer's standards with OEM test equipment and gas analyzers, provide digital paperwork and physical stickers, then re-package with the same level of care, and send it on its way back to you.

STEP 6: You receive your newly tested flow meter back and arrange to have it reinstalled.

You are in the home stretch now!  This is the last step.  Just contact your local service technician to reinstall everything, turn on the gas, test the function and then you are ready to see your next patient.  Click on the ADA Requirements button then scroll down to page 6 and read the next to last bullet about testing your flow meter requirements.